Steady Lives

by Lindenwood

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released July 28, 2017

Recorded at This Is Where I Make Music
Engineered by Rico Leonardo and JR Jabla
Mixed by Rico Leonardo
Mastered by Bradly Miranda
Produced by Lindenwood and Rico Leonardo

Jason Marquez - Guitars/Vocals
Tani Cariño - Guitars/Vocals
Just Tan - Bass
JR Jabla - Drums

Also available on Spotify and iTunes.



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Lindenwood Philippines

Lindenwood is a 4-piece punk rock band hailing from Metro Manila, Philippines. Their sound is described to have that manic and aggressiveness of 90’s skate punk with melodic sensibilities of contemporary emo and post-hardcore.

IG; @lindenwoodph
Twitter: @lindenwoodph
FB: /lindenwoodph
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Track Name: Dogface
Your mother tries to stop you as you leave
Now your childhood is obsolete
Have a final look at your home
The mainstay that you’ve once owned

The smell of death is no surprise
The ground shattered before your eyes
And how will everything last
When all you know has turned to ash?

Try your best to be something more than brave
Try your best not to regret the decision that you’ve made
Your knees fail as structures do
Your eyes can’t even see it through

Now you're blind
Track Name: Failure
I tried to write about love
Ended up staring at the wall
I tried to write about love
Never wanted any thing more

I tried to write about death
The vague and ominous threat
I learned to write about death
To my surprise it hurt much less

As much as I want to see
My arms are to short to reach
As much as I want to feel
The love is bricked by greyed out memories
Of a life well spent

I tried to chase happiness
Only to find myself swimming in circles
I never stopped until I saw the heavy ripples
That was myself
Track Name: Transitions
I’ll wake to the newest sun
I won’t remember what to do
Now my head will be placed on
Unfamiliar grounds

I’m older
I can’t blame it on everyone

A dangerous mission
Where my transgressions
Will take effect

My wings are to thin for the storm ahead
It pushes me back into nothing
I won’t stay under this shade for too long
I won’t be a ghost till I die
Track Name: Monument
The colors change
From green to grey
My memories are my everything

Take me back to the golden days
Clasped hands have paved the way
This is who you wanted to be
This is why you gave life to me

I am the monument
Adored at my birth
Forgotten in time
I have brought all your heavy hearts
But you chose to leave me
In the rain
Under the heat
Decaying with the dirt on my feet
I am looking for all of you to join me

Every day I wish
To bridge the gap
Between fearless minds
And loving hearts
In heartless times
Track Name: Richmond Pisswell
Deceiver, the Saviour
The killer, reliever

Why do you see me as someone you
should not believe?

Am I threat to your progress
When all I made is sense
What’s the use of life-giving bread
When it never raised the dead

I try everyday to feed your ignorance
But you choose to follow the broken path
From the sun, you run and hide
Reveal yourself to genocide
Hopeless, you're hopeless
Track Name: Eminence
The things around you seem so real
Surrounding you but you can’t feel
You try your very best to look up
You’ll never know what to look at

Day in, day out do you
ask yourself have you lived enough?
Day in, day out do you
ask yourself have you lived so far?

And can you say
that your gonna be a stepping stone
for those whose limbs are too short
to play reality?

And you used to be
a man who hoped for better
Just like me
Track Name: Dust Boy
Yeah thanks for asking
I’ve been sleeping on the floor for too long
And my head is aching
My skin is filled with dust
No hope in the morning sun
Remember me
Put me on top of the list
I can’t get through all of this
Do I mean anything to you?
Tell me until when am I
supposed to pretend

Is this real?
I don’t know what to feel
Do you careless while seeing
my life in your mess?

Rise to fame
Place the blame
This is all but the same
This is all but the same
Track Name: Steady Lives
A few more steps to backyard
Sliding down the rolling stones
I still remember
The best December

You are withering away
But how come the weather stays the same?
Will you remember
The blurry pictures?

You said youre brave
But you cant see straight
And I cant be brave
Cause I cant see straight

Tell me that it’s for the best
Things you should have never kept
The ends I wished that never met
Tell me that you wont forget

Promise me you wont forget
Promise me you wont forget me