Die With Me

by Lindenwood

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"Die With Me" 4-song EP


released August 14, 2019

Recorded at This Is Where I Make Music
Engineered by JR Jabla
Mixed and Mastered by Miguel Querubin
Produced by Lindenwood

Jason Marquez - Vocals / Guitar
Tani Carino - Guitar / Vocals
Dennis Litao - Bass
JR Jabla - Drums

Additional Musicians:
Ken Salcedo - Medicine Box (gang vocals)
Preco Padilla - Less Worthless (percussion)

Special Thanks:
Noodle Perez


all rights reserved



Lindenwood Philippines

Lindenwood is a 4-piece punk rock band hailing from Metro Manila, Philippines. Their sound is described to have that manic and aggressiveness of 90’s skate punk with melodic sensibilities of contemporary emo and post-hardcore.

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Track Name: Sins
You know, you know, you know what it takes to make me go
You know, you know, you know what to give to make me whole
I think you know which why I should go
Tell me so I can stop breaking my bones
Innocent eyes told me where to begin
See how far I have been now I’m marked with your sins
Breaking the broken, that’s the way it used to be
Don’t mind the reasons just sing this with me
Forward, forward I went
Track Name: Black Birds
I’ve been banging my head on the wall for so long,
how long, too long
Thinking of the day I answered the call
Back then I thought it was worth it
Oh god I really thought it was worth it
So much for that, now I hate it

Black Birds keep on flying high
Black Birds make me want to die
This, this, this is the system
Ready or not, ready or not you need to believe

Save the souls of those who get through
Burn the souls of those who sleep through
And I am never the one who accepts defeat
But if closing my eyes is the only relief
Oh no
Track Name: Medicine Box
I don’t know if these saints work
But I keep the light on still
I think they’re watching after me

Will it hurt if I turn this off?
Would it hurt if I try to stand
Alone on my own two feet

Can you stay for a while?
Cause I have things to say
I just can’t remember

How alive is my garden?
I believe I have four friends
Are they here and who’s watching over them?

1890, 1993
I kept them all inside a medicine box
One day you’ll put them up for me

Can you stay for a while?
Cause I have things to say
I just can’t remember
I know it might take some time
For you and me to talk
To each other

When I’m alone, I ask the saints to take me
When you’re at home, I feel death’s beneath me
Track Name: Less Worthless
Am I in the right place or am I just wasting all my time?
I wonder if life will remember my face
Am I just a body, a waste of mind?
I know I didn’t deliver
Thought I thought I could do better
This might take forever
Will it ever get better?

Can I take a moment of your time?
I promise it’s gonna be worthwhile
Watch me take your breath away
As I fail and fail all over again
And I don’t do this on purpose
I just think I could be less worthless

I remember the days of my youth
Were those songs you could easily
Sing along to
Healing wounds and the smallest bruises
Easy love with careful movement
But everything has changed
Though my name’s still the same
With a different kind of shame
And a different kind of pain

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